About The Walkerville Art Show

The 2024 Show will be the 15th annual Walkerville Art Show.

The Show is run on a volunteer basis by the Walkerville Rotary Club.

Prior to 2009 the Show was a biannual event held in the Walkerville Town Hall. We have since moved to the larger and better lit St. Andrew's School Hall/Gym.

The Show has now cemented its role in the annual community and arts calendar and has grown steadily over the years.


Profits and Projects

All profits go to charitable projects in local, national and international communities.

In the past funding has gone to the following projects (plus quite a number of others):

  • bushfire regeneration and tree planting with local school kids in different parts of the South Australia;
  • funding mental health research in Australia;
  • educating children, and particularly girls, in developing nations including Africa, the Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea;
  • installing portable solar power packs in villages in the Philippines to allow older children to study in the evenings and hence gain more years of schooling.

Although this is a very local event the long term benefits are felt far around the world.

 To find out how you too can make a difference please visit the Walkerville Rotary Club Website or the Rotary International Website.

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